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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Reality Check New Motherhood Episode 1.

 >> Fade in << Storm clouds blowing away, From afar one can see a woman caring a child. That child is seen as beautiful. She walks toward a man. He is seen as cute as can be.  Woman smiles and is adorned with many praises. >> Fade Out<<


As mentions may posts ago  (HAHA) Like four! I got married. Flash forward ( Good show shouldn't have been canceled) to 4 years and WHAM I got preggers! That is for another post. Pull into the current data stream and I have a happy healthy little Pooka !! He is grown so much since his birth and my husband and myself couldn't be happier!

Which leads me to here! I need an outlet for all those crazy thoughts! So I thought I might post here! For the oh I'd say occasional reader! Hi Reader! As of later I have been the stay at home mom! Taking care of sweet Pooka and the house! I love being with him all day. At night.... Oh and night! The night is MINE! Mine I tell you! Yes I do love the exclamation mark and a good ole' shift hold down for the dramatic. My new aim is to show the world the Nerdy Mom's point of view of the world. My world. The Mommy world. First lets talk Crunchy Vs. Urban .

For some of the the Interwebs there are terms that define them. Hacker, Watcher, Blogger, Vlogger, Google user, AOL Hold out. In the mommy world one such term is Crunchy. My friend says Crunchy Granola. Aka you eat Granola and you like it Crunchy. Here is a small definition from me personally.

CRUNCHY- CR-UH-NN-CHEE Noun, Verb, ADJ. - A woman that does three or more of the following: Has a medicine-free, intervention-free, birth, eats her own placenta, cloth diapers, makes her own baby food, baby led weaning, baby-wearing, full term nursing (Nursing past 2 years and into the great beyond), co-sleeps, attachment parents, GMO-Free, Scent-Free house.

" I am such a crunchy mom! I love my woven wraps but I hate to wait for them to dry. I guess I'll pass the time by folding some cloth diapers."

THE other term is Urban. Urban moms sometimes get flack because they are "Main Stream" Here is another personal definition.

URBAN-ERR-BAN, Noun, ADJ- A Woman that uses name brand name any! Enrolls children in Public schools but chooses which school based on non-educational means. Has a hospital epidural fully assisted birth. Yada yada yada.

*** When the above was written I was 5 months IRL game of Mothering. I have seen both sides of the this . Many would say I went from being Urban to Crunchy with a Twist. I'd say its a Lime twist.
Nowadays we are a Soy Free GMO-Free house. Nursing like Nun-chucks are at the store. Baby-wearing aficionado. The list continues.

I would say that deciding if you will nurse or formula feed is the same way nerds decide early in life they will be Tube sock up or down people. You start out with the socks up and then later in life realize you will get more breeze on your legs with them lowered.

Mothering is the same. You start out knowing what you knowing. The knowledge given to you by books, doctors, your own mother, friends and you think Yah that sounds good . But then reality hits like a ton of freaking bricks. What you planned doesn't always happen. What you knew isn't always true. Things you were so against now seem like the easiest way to life and you cannot imagine doing it any other way.
I speak from experience. There were things we changed and are so glad we did.